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Fundi MD wins WAiTTA Achiever award

Fundi Managing Director David Mierowsky won the prestigious 2013 WAiTTA Achiever of the Year award.

The 22nd Western Australian Information Technology and Telecommunications Awards (WAiTTA) took place at the Hyatt Regency’s Grand Ballroom. The ceremony featured the announcement of David Mierowsky as the 22nd WAiTTA Achiever. The Achiever award recognizes an individual’s outstanding contribution to the ICT industry in WA. Past winners include business leaders, IS managers, academics and other significant contributors to the WA ICT industry.
Photo of 2013 WAiTTA Achiever award presentation

Driving force

As co-founder and managing director, David Mierowsky is the driving force behind Fundi Software Pty Ltd, one of Western Australia's longest-running and most successful companies in the field of packaged software development.

David is a graduate of the University of South Africa and holds a Bachelor of Science with a major in Computer Science. He trained in computing following a rigorous selection process during his National Service, where he worked on a large IMS-based system as a programmer and later as an analyst.

David immigrated to Australia in the late 70s, initially joining Alcoa where he played a leading role in the establishment of Alcoa's highly specialized IMS™ online environment. Through his involvement with SHARE at that time David was soon recognized as a leading technical specialist in IMS.

In 1982 David saw a need for specialized solutions to extend and improve upon the features then available in the IBM mainframe products IMS and MVS™. With two other co-founders, David established Fundi Software to meet this challenge. Fundi Software went on to blaze a unique trail (for an independent Australian company) in establishing a lasting relationship with IBM as a supplier of quality software carrying the IBM brand.

Besides being MD of Fundi Software David still finds time to involve himself directly in software design as a product architect and developer. This passion has enabled David to remain at the forefront of IBM zSeries® technology. David has been a frequent presenter at international conferences.

David has also taken a keen interest in ensuring continuation of the excellent work of the Association for the Blind of WA and the Cisco Academy for the Vision Impaired (CAVI), which assists people who are visually impaired to prepare for employment in ICT.  Fundi Software has been a significant sponsor of CAVI for a number of years.

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