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IMS Connect Extensions bolsters automation to keep IMS traffic flowing efficiently

In a recent article in IBM Data Magazine, Fundi’s Jim Martin discusses the new features in IMS Connect Extensions Version 2.4 that automate IMS Connect operations.

This advanced support includes the following features:

  • Host-command environment for the REXX programming language
  • Data store Drain/Resume feature
  • Routing plans, which allow dynamic changes to rules-based routing
  • Advanced UPDATE command
  • Session balancing improvements for use with Sysplex distributor
  • Enhanced rules-based routing
  • Pre-routing exit for withdrawing one or more TMembers as routing candidates
  • Rules-based routing qualified by transaction code
  • Support for alternate transaction code routing
  • Expanded Eclipse-based graphical user interface (GUI)

Each of these new features helps improve the operational and control aspects of IMS and IMS Connect systems.

Click here to access the full article.

Additional information about the new features in IMS Connect Extensions Version 2.4 can be found in the User's Guide.

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