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When IMS isn't the problem...

How do you solve the problem when IMS isn't the cause?

Jim Martin, Fundi Software's US representative and Product Architect, gave a presentation to the Virtual IMS User Group titled Solving the problem when IMS isn't the cause: Analysis, Diagnosis, and Resolution.

Transaction processing on System z is often complex. Modern applications frequently interact with external subsystems and use system services. There are many tools to help analyze individual transaction environments, notably CICS®, IMS™, DB2®, and MQSeries®, but pinpointing the cause of a problem can be difficult.

IBM Transaction Analysis Workbench for z/OS is a tool for analyzing problems with the performance or behavior of z/OS-based transactions. Transaction Analysis Workbench provides a platform for investigating logs and other historical data collected during transaction processing and system operations.

You can download Jim's presentation (PDF, 490 KB) from the Virtual IMS User Group Resources page, or listen to the whole presentation and meeting (WMV format).

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